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Emergency Dial 9.1.1

Millsboro Fire Company
P.O. Box 83
109 E. State St.
Millsboro, DE 19966

Telephone: 302.934.8359

Fax: 302.934.7960


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4-Guys Spartan CAFS - Engine 83-4

Spartan Diamond 10in raised roof powered by a 425hp Cummins with Allison transmission. This engine carries: (1)Hale 2000gpm CAFS pump (2)8 personnel with 7 SCBA seats (3)40gal foam (4)1000gal Water (5)1000gpm deck gun (6)150ft CAFS Front Mount 1 3/4in pre-connect (7)200ft CAFS 1 3/4in cross-lay (8)200ft 1 3/4in cross-lay (9)400ft CAFS 1 3/4in cross-lay (10)400ft foam 1 3/4in rear pre-connect (11)200ft CAFS 2 1/2in rear pre-connect (12)500ft 3in supply (13)1000ft 5in supply (14)150ft CAFS 1 in booster reel (15)8kw hydraulic generator (16)2 Hurst pre-connect 100ft hydraulic reels with Maverick and O-Cutters (17)24ft extension ladder (18)14ft roof ladder (19)2 10ft 6in flex hard suction hoses (20)4 8ft pike poles (21)6 mounted 750w quartz lights (22)2 portable 750w quartz lights (23)2 150ft electric reels (24)Thermal Image camera (25)Electric Positive pressure fan (26)Cribbing (27)AED and medical bags (28)Entry and overhaul tools (29)Engineers full tool box

Ford 4x4 Brush - Brush 83-00

SOLD May 9, 2014 Elsinboro Fire Co. New Jersey

Voyager jon boat - Marine 83-2

14' aluminum boat, powered by a 5 hp air cooled Briggs and Stratton motor. Unit is utilized in shallow water areas and can be deployed by hand.

Ford Traffic Control Unit - Traffic Control 83

Traffic Control 83-14 is designed for Fire police to use when directing traffic in emergencies and other events. Equipped with a hydraulic arrow board, traffic cones,and other items needed by Fire Police. Traffic Control 83 assists on all fire and rescue calls. This unit also responds by special request to assist Police or other agencies when available.

Suburban 4x4 - Utility 83-13

SOLD March 2012 to a private owner.

4-Guys 4800 International 4x4 - Engine 83-3

This all wheel drive engine seats 4 personnel. (1)Hale rear mount 1000gpm pump (2)Pump & roll capabilities (3)500 gal.water tank (4)Front mounted 10ton PTO winch (5)Hurst extrication tools (6)Two 4500psi SCBA cascade bottles (7)5kw generator (8)Two 1000w portable quartz lights (9)1000gpm deck gun (10)Two 200ft 1 3/4 in. preconnected hose lines (11)300ft 3/4in booster reel (12)500ft 3in supply hose (13)20gal foam (14)Cribbing (15)Misc. Hand tools (16)Chain saw (17)Medical Bags

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