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Emergency Dial 9.1.1

Millsboro Fire Company
P.O. Box 83
109 E. State St.
Millsboro, DE 19966

Telephone: 302.934.8359

Fax: 302.934.7960


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2016 - D-83

International Terrastar Type RMT

2015 - Brush 83-0

Chevrolet 4X4

2015 - Marine 1


2012 - Ladder 83-7

E-One 78ft Quint

78ft. Ladder with 2000gpm CAFS Hale Pump.

2012 - Ambulance A-83

International Life Line

2012 - Utility 83-13

Chevrolet 4x4 Suburban

83-13 will be used to transport members to meetings, training, emergency calls, and towing multiple trailers with fire company equipment. Equipped with four wheel for travel in severe weather conditions it will be used in multiple roles.

2012 - Command 83-9

Chevrolet 2500 4X4 4Dr Pickup

83-9 is equiped with hand tools, EMS jump bag, and an AED. It will be used as a Command vehicle when officers are available. A pullout tray will allow for transporting equipment to and from the scene as a utility and also towing.

2009 - Ambulance B-83

Lifeline Kodiak

2008 - Engine 83-4

Spartan 4-Guys CAFS

Spartan Diamond 10in raised roof powered by a 425hp Cummins with Allison transmission. This engine carries: (1)Hale 2000gpm CAFS pump (2)8 personnel with 7 SCBA seats (3)40gal foam (4)1000gal Water (5)1000gpm deck gun (6)150ft CAFS Front Mount 1 3/4in pre-connect (7)200ft CAFS 1 3/4in cross-lay (8)200ft 1 3/4in cross-lay (9)400ft CAFS 1 3/4in cross-lay (10)400ft foam 1 3/4in rear pre-connect (11)200ft CAFS 2 1/2in rear pre-connect (12)500ft 3in supply (13)1000ft 5in supply (14)150ft CAFS 1 in booster reel (15)8kw hydraulic generator (16)2 Hurst pre-connect 100ft hydraulic reels with Maverick and O-Cutters (17)24ft extension ladder (18)14ft roof ladder (19)2 10ft 6in flex hard suction hoses (20)4 8ft pike poles (21)6 mounted 750w quartz lights (22)2 portable 750w quartz lights (23)2 150ft electric reels (24)Thermal Image camera (25)Electric Positive pressure fan (26)Cribbing (27)AED and medical bags (28)Entry and overhaul tools (29)Engineers full tool box

2008 - Ambulance C-83

Lifeline Kodiak

2008 Lifeline Kodiak

2007 - Traffic Control 83

Ford Traffic Control Unit

Traffic Control 83-14 is designed for Fire police to use when directing traffic in emergencies and other events. Equipped with a hydraulic arrow board, traffic cones,and other items needed by Fire Police. Traffic Control 83 assists on all fire and rescue calls. This unit also responds by special request to assist Police or other agencies when available.

2007 - Dive trailer

Dive Trailer

This trailer is equipped with equipment for our Dive Team.

2006 - Brush 83-00

Ford 4x4 Brush

May 9, 2014 Sold to Elsinboro Fire Co. New Jersey

2006 - Ambulance A-83

Life Line E-450 Ford

Sold in 2012

2003 - Marine 83-2

Voyager jon boat

14' aluminum boat, powered by a 5 hp air cooled Briggs and Stratton motor. Unit is utilized in shallow water areas and can be deployed by hand.

1998 - Tanker 83

4-Guys Volvo Semi Tanker

The trailer was built by 4-Guys in 1986. It holds 6000 gallons, is insulated and covered with an stainless shell. A new 10 speed Volvo 425HP tractor was added in 1998. Refurbished in 2013 by Patriot Fire. The Hale 850gpm VW air cooled pump has a new fresh air ventilation system and new plumping. A new gas tank was installed Lighting was replaced by using LED lights eliminating the need for a generator. New diamond plating replaced the original and reflective scotchlite added to the rear for safety.

1998 - Utility 83-13

Suburban 4x4

Sold March 2012 to a private owner.

1996 - Rescue 83

Spartan 4-Guys

33 ft non walk-in rescue, seven person cab with SCBA seating for six. Electric is provided by a power take off generator that supplies powers for a 4000w light tower, six 1000w body mounted quartz lights, hurst tool and a refrigerator. A booster sump for six 4500psi SCBA bottles, and multiple electrical outlets for equipment. Equipped with medical supplies, hand tools, clean up brooms, shovels, cribbing, tarps, stay-dri, vaccum, and a complete tool box.

1996 - Utility 83-12

Ford Crew Cab duel wheel pickup

This vehicle was purchased for towing our Fire Safety House and used as a utility vehicle used to tow DNREC Hazmat Trailer, Dive Trailer, marine unit, or as traffic control vehicle.

1995 - Marine 83-1

Rescue One Connector Boat

Equipped with side scan sonar and rescue/recovery equipment. Unit is powered by a Johnson 35 hp outboard motor.

1995 - Safety House

Fire Safety House

In March 2014, our Fire Safety House was donated to Station 71, Blades, to continue it's service in bringing Fire Prevention awareness to the public.

1994 - Engine 83-3

4800 International 4x4 4-Guys

This all wheel drive engine seats 4 personnel. (1)Hale rear mount 1000gpm pump (2)Pump & roll capabilities (3)500 gal.water tank (4)Front mounted 10ton PTO winch (5)Hurst extrication tools (6)Two 4500psi SCBA cascade bottles (7)5kw generator (8)Two 1000w portable quartz lights (9)1000gpm deck gun (10)Two 200ft 1 3/4 in. preconnected hose lines (11)300ft 3/4in booster reel (12)500ft 3in supply hose (13)20gal foam (14)Cribbing (15)Misc. Hand tools (16)Chain saw (17)Medical Bags

1991 - Engine 83-2

Spartan 4-Guys

This engine has a 10 person crew cab with 5 SCBA seats. A 1500gpm Hale pump. carrying 1000gal. of water and 30 gal foam. Two 1 3/4 in. crosslays, a 1 3/4 in. front bumper trash line, one rear 1 3/4 in. and one 2 1/2 in. blitz pre-connect. Supply hose are 600 ft. of 3 in. and 1000 ft of 5 in. A 5 kw generator powers two 1000w quarts lights. A positive pressure fan, hurst combo tool with portable pump,and hand tools. A 12 ft roof and 24 ft extension ladder. Pike poles and 6 in. flex hard suction.

1990 - Support trailer

Utility trailer

Sold to Station 81 Laurel Feb 2012

1988 - Engine 83-1

Spartan 4-Guys

1st Custom Engine purchased with Diesel power, 10 person cab, 1500gpm pump. Sold 2012 to Memorial Fire Company, Station 89

1985 - Utility/Command 83-9

Chevrolet Surburban

Transportation to Fire School, meetings, apparatus planning. Used to pull marine and air cascade units. Sold in 2005.

1981 - Ladder 83

E-One Tele-squirt

1st Ladder purchased in Central Sussex County. Replaced in 2012. Donated to Bloxom Volunteer Fire Department, Bloxom, Va. August, 2012.

1976 - Rescue 83-6

Swab Walk in Rescue

Sold 1996 to Colo, Iowa FD

1973 - Brush 83-0

Ford 4x4 Brush

Sold December 2009

1968 - Engine 83-3


Sold 1988 to Williamsburg County,S.C.

1959 - Engine 83-2

Ford/American LaFrance Pumper

Sold 1988 to Williamsburg Counnty, S.C.

1956 - 83-8

Station Wagon

One of the first utility vehicles in Sussex County. Sold 1985 private owner.

1949 - Engine 83-4

Ford Pumper

Sold to Burns Well Drilling in the 80's.

1942 - Engine 83-8

Ford - Pumper

Built during World War II by American Fire Apparatus of Wilmington, Delaware. This engine is displayed in running condition in our museum.

1935 - Engine 83-5

Reo Speedwagon

Built by U.S. Fire Apparatus in Wilmington, Delaware. This engine was recovered from a farmers barn where it was given back to the volunteers of the Millsboro Fire Co. and refurbished. Now on display in the museum and used for special events.

1923 - Engine - 1


First engine purchased by the Millsboro Fire Company. It was painted gray at that time. Served until 1942 when a new engine was purchased. Then sold to District Heights F.D. outside Washington D.C. It served as their first engine.

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